Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Nursery aka Guest Room

 So far the baby's room has been a catch all for whatever we can't fit anywhere else in the house, but it's slowly coming together.  If anyone comes to visit this is most likely where you'll be staying (we can take the toys out for you :) ).  We even have a blow up mattress waiting!

I don't know if I ever wrote about the heaters/air conditioners.  The thing attached to the wall (upper right) is the heater/ac.  Very few places have central air in Japan.  We were happy to find an apartment with heating and cooling in every room.  It's actually pretty efficient.  We just close off whatever room we're in at the time.  When we leave we turn off the heater.


Travis Wilson said...

So, we have to sleep with the baby when we come to visit?

Do your wall units really heat? Ours only cool.

Rachel Keyser said...

Yep to both questions. :)

Rachel Keyser said...

Yep to both questions. :)


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