Thursday, February 16, 2012

Quirky Things About Japan Pt.3

  1. Everyday at 5pm a song plays over a loudspeaker.  I use it as a reminder to start dinner.
  2. You push the sink faucet down to turn it off, and pull it up to turn it on.  We're still getting used to that one.
  3. Our fridge sings to us if the door has been open too long.
  4. Our rice cooker sings to us when the rice is done.
  5. Our microwave sings to us when the food is heated.
  6. Are you noticing a pattern yet?  (some toilets can play music too)
  7. The shower (water heater) beeps if we've been in the shower too long.
  8. 7eleven is our bank.  We use their ATM to withdraw money.
  9. We pay our utility bills at 7eleven.
  10. The power is screwy.  Supposed to be the same as the US but with out the ground (3rd prong), but its not. So far we can't use our popcorn popper or alarm clock we brought from the states.  Popcorn burned.  And one morning I yelled at Logan and told him to go back to bed  because the clock said it was was really 7:45am.
  11. The garbage collectors are Nazis.  They leave your garbage with notes on them if you make a mistake. Garbage goes out 4 days a week...each day is different.
  12. If you buy a full cart of groceries at Costco, people look at you funny.  (but hello! who goes to Costco and buy 2-3 things???)
  13. You can buy drinking yogurt in a carton...and it looks just like milk.


Becky said...

I love posts like this. I used to follow a blog where the family moved to Luxemburg and she did this too. It was so fun and interesting! Nate (my hubby) said the yogurt in Venezuela was like milk there too. You can buy it like that here but most people don't.

Laura said...

I was reading this post to my husband and after I read number one he said why do they care when she makes dinner... I don't think he was listening. Anyway, thanks for posting things like this, so interesting to learn what life is like for you.

Unknown said...

Art says he remembers the music playing ... morning and evening. :) Miss you guys! Love the blog!

Shannon said...

Wow, I wish all of our appliances sang to us! 7 eleven is really big here too, but we don't pay our bills there. But some do have ATM's. Garbage collection here is really strict too. We've heard stories about people having their garbage put back on their doorstep because they put it in the wrong place. And we too have drinkable yogurt in a milk carton. It's so crazy that we are going through so many of the same things. It was fun to read this post.

Travis Wilson said...

Use a battery-powered alarm clock. At least here, power runs on different Hertz (not the wattage thing), so even if you get something like a clock, if its Hertz requirements are different, it will run fast or slow. So, we just use battery-powered clocks. That may affect your other stuff, too. -- I get a gentle electric shock from my computer. Even though it has its own adapter, something's going on there.


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