Friday, April 06, 2012

Day Three Mini-Vacation: Train Ride, Nagoya City Science Museum, & Osu Shopping District

Since we had a bit of time before the meeting the next day, we opted to take an express from Osaka to Nagoya instead of the Shinkansen. This meant a few things: less cost, longer route, more stops, more scenic, better views. We thoroughly enjoyed the slower pace and had a great time seeing some more mountainous and rural area.

Logan and Kelsie on the Train
A picture Logan took using Rachel's phone:
Logan and Kelsie were playing a game where I had them try to find different colored buildings or trees. Apparently this warranted the use of their supper special binoculars.
We had a bit of trouble containing their excitement...
Another picture Logan took using Rachel's camera:
A picture Kelsie took using Rachel's camera.
Logan was very disappointed in the Nagoya City efforts to make this seem realistic:
Logan and Kurt had a lot of fun while I and Kelsie took a much needed nap at the hotel. Logan didn't want to ride the train back, he wanted to walk the 3 miles back to the hotel again.
Another episode of Logan on the Street.

While wandering Kurt found an American Diner with burgers and fries. We decided to go back for dinner! It was really good but the pepper was a bit strong for me and the kids. Kurt loved it because it reminded him of a steak sandwich.
Check out that root beer!

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