Wednesday, April 11, 2012

First Day of Yochien

The kids super excited for their first day of school, waiting outside our apartment building.

Walking to school, showing off their new backpacks.  Every kid at their school has the same matching backpack.  Lucky for us they don't have to wear uniforms, only matching exercise clothes on Mondays.

Kelsie and her cute teacher.

Logan and his new teacher.

Logan trying out the blocks.  Surprisingly, Yochien is just a lot of playing for the most part.  When I think of a Japanese education I think of sitting at a desk, strictly following directions, etc....but yochien is so not that way.  I think they learn a lot of valuable skills that make that type of learning easier down the road, but for now they get to play, go on a lot of field trips, and interact with others.  Our main goal for Logan is to learn Japanese to make his transition into shogakko (Elementary School) easier and have fun.

Kelsie playing on the swings (like always). :)  This week Kelsie gets out of school at 11am and Logan at 11:3am, so we just hung out and played while we waited.

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