Saturday, April 14, 2012

First Week of School Update

Kelsie - LOVING it.  Learned how to swing, sing a new song in Japanese, and is still all smiles.  She is one of the few kids in her class that doesn't cry when dropped off.  I'd like to think it's her years in Nursery and Primary that have made the transition a little easier.  The teachers say she is really happy and don't worry about her picking up the language at all.  She is also one of the biggest kids in her class, which I find funny.  She's small to average in the US.  She also is pretty tired and hungry by the end of the day.  I do think it will be an adjustment for her when she starts staying until 2pm in mid-May.

Logan - Doing OK.  Logan has always picked things up really easy.  He was one of the top readers in his Kindergarten class, knew most of his alphabet by 18 months, etc.  He is struggling a little bit.  He doesn't like being the last to finish things because he needs the extra help.  Kurt has been teaching him some Japanese words and alphabet at home, but it doesn't seem to be carrying over into the classroom.  He also said he is bored at school.  I think he was used to learning they way he did at Boulder Creek Elementary, and now his yochien is totally different.  It all makes me a little sad, but I know that within a few months all will be fine.  I'm just not very patient and want him to be happy now.

The Parents - A little overwhelmed, but still  good overall.  Kurt is getting his Japanese vocabulary workout trying to read the packets of papers we've been handed.  We've had to make a couple more trips to Aeon (Walmart-like store) to buy supplies that we forgot and didn't realize we needed.  I've made at least one friend in each classroom that can help me if I have questions.  Kurt said the other parents want their kids to be friends to help their kids learn English. Most of the moms want to, but are scared to talk to me because they don't think I'll understand their English (according to Kurt).  Monday we have "home visits" from the kids teachers.  I've never heard of such a thing, but apparently it's standard.  I'm pretty scared about it because Kurt has a meeting for work that he HAS to be at... I don't speak Japanese and the kids teachers don't speak English. This should be interesting.

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