Saturday, May 12, 2012

Avri's Baby Shower

My thoughtful friends Shelley and Necia offered to throw a baby shower for me and Baby Avri with some friends from our church.  Kelsie accompanied me for a girl's day out. :)  She had a lot of fun playing with her friend Ella (Shelley's daughter).
 Me - 38 weeks pregnant.

Ella, Quinn, Claire, and Kelsie hanging out before the shower started.

The DELICIOUS food spread and super cute cake that Haruyo made.

Present/Visiting Time.
Necia, Kami, & Shelley

Saori, Kuniko, & Pica

Kuniko & Pica

Pica, Nori, Kazuko, & Haruyo

Shelley, Miki, Saori, & Kuniko

The adorable presents we received for Avri.  Everything was SO cute!
My visiting teacher Corina bought these cute matching Japanese pottery bowls and 3 silver owl spoons.  Everyone was so thoughtful.  Now we just need Baby Avri to come!


The Hunter Family said...

That was very sweet.... Quite the food spread and what an awesome cake! Does the foot of that bunny say, Godiva? ;)

Rachel Keyser said...

Sure does. :-) yummy!


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