Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Last Baby in the Womb Update

My mom safely flew into Tokyo last night and was able to come to the doctor with us this morning.  We kept the kids home from school today and they got to play at the park by the hospital with Grandma while I visited with Dr. Nakabayashi.

After the ultrasound tech freaked me out a little bit (she went to get the doctor to show him something and then they chatted back and forth in Japanese....and Kurt wasn't in the room), they said everything was just fine.  Baby Avri is weighing in at approximately 6lb. 6oz., which is what Kelsie's birth weight was.  During my internal exam, I measured a 7.something on the Baker Scale the doctor keeps talking about.  He said last week that an 8 is perfect for delivery, and if I was at least a 6 he'd schedule my induction. 

So, since I progressed quite a bit (she majorly dropped this last week)....Tomorrow is the big day!!!
He didn't think I'd make it until Monday, and the anesthesiologist doesn't work over the weekends. 
We check in around 8:30am to get things started.  I'm really hoping the process isn't a long one..with Kelsie they broke my water around midnight and she was born around 6am.  It wasn't bad at all.  I could totally go for that again.  :)

Wish us luck!  Hopefully we'll be posting pictures of our new baby girl soon!  I gotta go finish packing for the hospital...wasn't really expecting the doctor to say TOMORROW!


Jennifer S said...

Good luck Rachel, can't wait to see photos of baby avri!

Lara Leigh Raulston said...

OH MY GOODNESS, RACHEL!!Good Luck! We love you and we're cheering you and your little angel on!! Here's to delivering in Tokyo!!
Love you!!

keyser family blog said...

Call us as soon as she gets here safely... or call us before. We are anxious to hear from you guys!
Love you! Mom


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