Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Still Waiting...

This morning we went to the hospital to see my Doctor again for a check-up.  Unfortunately there wasn't much of a change...in fact I went back to 2cm, instead of the 3cm they stretched me to last week.  The baby dropped a little bit more this week, but still has a little more to go.  Her head is measuring 41+ weeks (another Logan...). She slept through the entire stress test I had this morning and I didn't have any contractions in 40 min (too bad they didn't give me the test last night!).

He said he would normally induce at this point, but seeing how I already had a failed induction last week he said we better just wait things out.  I honestly think if I was given the levels of pitocin they give in the US, I'd probably have a baby right now...but oh well.

Currently the amount of amniotic fluid is decreasing, so there is a good chance I might just go into labor on my own.  So for now, I have a doctor appointment scheduled for Tuesday morning, 3 days AFTER my due date...  I'm really hoping the contractions start before then, so I can take full advantage of my mom being here, but I guess Avri is the one controlling that at this point.

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Ryan and Christina said...

oh wow you are doing so great hanging in there! I can only imagine how different it is to deliver in another country! I was even scared to have a baby in cali verses Utah! lol Let alone JAPAN!! Love following your fun activities and adventures.

Big hugs!


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