Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Avri Update: Two Weeks Old

Not sure where the two weeks went, but they did.

Here are some things about Avri:

  • She's a snugler.  Much more than her brother or sister.  She prefers being held to anything else.
  • Tolerates her bouncer and swing, but would rather be held.
  • Nurses every couple hours and then "cluster feeds" at night - meaning she nurses a ton at night and then sleeps most of the night.  I usually feed her around 11pm and then go to bed.  Then either she or I will wake up around 4am for a feeding.  After that it depends on when her big brother and sister come into our room and wake us up. :)
  • Hates when I try using a nursing cover in public.
  • She generally only cries when she's really tired or needs her diaper changed.  
  • She has a perfectly round head.  She scratched herself in the womb and had some scabs on the top of her head, but they are healed up now.
  • She is still a tiny little thing.  She drowns in 0-3 month clothes.
  • Very alert.  Still reminds us a lot of Logan at this age.
  • Very loved by her big brother and sister.
  • Sleeps most of the day.

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