Thursday, July 12, 2012

Schools out for summer.....

Woohoo!  The kids have a 8 week break from school starting tomorrow afternoon.  I will admit I'll miss have my lunch dates and mid-day outings with Kurt, but we'll also appreciate sleeping in. :)

I thought this would be a good time to update on the kids progress at yochien.

aka Rogan-kun

Best friends - Mimi, Yuta, and the twin brothers (he never can remember their names)
Mimi is actually really cute.  She helps him out and shows him what he is doing wrong, according to Logan.
He loves doing all the crafts and even starting asking if he could "fold and cut paper" at home.  It is interested how different the simple crafts are here versus the US.  They do lots of origami style crafts and practice cutting a lot.
He's learned how to flip over a bar and climb over one of those army style rope climbing things.
He understands quite a bit of Japanese, but is still reluctant to say much.  However, he's starting to ask Kurt more and more what different words mean.
He and Kelsie sing and are starting to talk to each some in Japanese.

aka Kerushi-chan

She loves her teachers and always wants to be just like them, i.e. dress like them or have her hair done like them.  This actually has been a pretty consistent theme lately.  Kelsie is trying really hard to fit in, which obviously is hard to do here in Japan.  I thought she would be the strong, confident one, but instead she comments about some random boy not liking her and how much her teacher will like her new hat, etc.
Kelsie's big accomplishment is learning how to swing herself.  I dare say she's the best swinger in the entire school.  It's her favorite thing to do.
She comes home from school in her extra set of clothes at least every other day.  Apparently she doesn't like her clothes to be wet or dirty...even a little bit.
She loves doing crafts too and has learned how to draw faces and use scissors.
She's learned how to flip over the bar and is great at gymnastics.
She LOVES singing in Japanese and can almost say a prayer entirely in Japanese. (The yochien is a Christian yochien which is pretty rare.)
She's really good at chopsticks.

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