Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tokyo Disney Sea

 We've had some freakishly nice cool (and a little rainy) weather the past couple days, so we decided to take advantage of it.  After Logan's photo shoot we surprised the kids with an afternoon outing to Tokyo Disney  Sea!  We had a little rain on the way there, but after that the weather was PERFECT! Upper 60s/Low 70s.

 Disney offers discounted tickets for those arriving later in the day.  We went into the park at 3pm, but if we wanted to wait until 5 or 6pm it would have been even cheaper.  I was expecting a pretty packed park because we've heard horror stories about how crowded they can be, but the rain must have kept people away.

I let the kids pick out one souvenir while we were waiting to get in.  Smart people at Disney putting shopping right OUTSIDE the gates...

Once inside we immediately noticed that Disney did it right at Disney Sea.  We were a little disappointed at Tokyo Disneyland - it just didn't have that magical Disney spark, however Disney Sea was much different.  We took a lot of pictures of the "scenery".

We met up with our friends the Ericson's and Chris was nice enough to take one of our few "family of five" pictures.  It was nice that we had another family to switch off kids with.  Kurt, Nancy, and Chris were able to go on the Tower of Terror and Journey to the Center of the Earth roller coaster with Levi the only brave (or tall enough) kid. :)

Avri was a champ on her first Disney outing.  She spent most of it in her carseat, but she liked Turtle Talk (in Japanese) and the Genie show. :)

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