Sunday, August 12, 2012

EPSON Aqua Stadium

Saturday we went to EPSON's Aqua Stadium in Shinagawa.  It's a mini-aquarium with dolphin and sea lion shows.  It is actually located on a couple floors of the Shingawa Prince Hotel.  It was cool to see some fish and other sea creatures that are native to the waters around Japan that we haven't seen before.

Hanging out waiting for the Dolphin Show to start.  We noticed that the shows were filling up fast, so we went early and hung out.

The Dolphin Show ended up making the entire trip worth it.  These dolphins (and one whale) had amazing trainers.  Imagine the dolphin show at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom on crack.  I've seen a trainer "water ski" with 2 dolphins before, but the trainers here were surfing on one.  It was pretty cool.  We took some videos and I posted one of them below.  Make sure you watch at least the second half.

Outside they had a touch pool that Logan really enjoyed.

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