Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Another full day of shooting - this time for Smoothy clothing.  First I wanted to say that the kids were SOO good today.  Kelsie made friends with the little girl model Maria and had a blast.  Each kid I think had about 8-10 outfits which is kind of a lot, but we were able to fly through them.  I told Logan that if he stayed on track and changed quickly that we wouldn't have to stay a long time.  It also helped that most of the shots were single shots.  He and Maria only had a couple of outfits together.  This is actually the third shoot he's done with her (a.v.v. & Right-on).  I guess they must mesh well together.

I think this is the first time Logan's hair has ever been curled. He didn't seem to mind. :)  I think they restyled his hair with every outfit - his hair was totally filled with hairspray and wax by the time we left.

See all that junk food - That wasn't even half of it.  I could have fought with them, but I decided it wasn't work it.

See. More glasses.  He looked super cute in this shot.

I can't wait to see the finished product from this shoot.  They looked so cute on the computer monitor.  Unfortunately it will probably be forever before we seem them.  This shoot is for their 2013 Spring/Summer line!

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