Thursday, August 30, 2012

Stussy for Smart Magazine

Remember Stussy from the early-mid 1990s?  (I don't have a black mail picture handy, but my brother had his senior picture taken in one of their ponchos.)  Well, apparently they are still around AND big in Japan.

This shoot had a few fun things going on: 
1. The photographer specifically asked for Logan, which is kind of cool. 
2. It was at Yoyogi Park at sunset/early evening.
3. Kurt got to come and play translator, while I sat in the air conditioned van with Avri.
4. My awesome friend Natalie volunteered to keep Kelsie for the afternoon/evening. (She lives super close to where the shoot was).  She even fed us dinner, so we wouldn't have to head McDonalds again! (I usually let Logan choose where to eat after this shoots, which most often means McDonalds.)

According to Kurt this shoot was much more complex.  Most of the pictures were more of a candid style telling a story.
"Kids lost in the woods.  They came across an owl."

"Telling scary/campfire stories."

"Act like a ghost (play dead)"

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