Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Logan's Birthday Celebration at Yochien

Last Thursday was Logan's birthday celebration at yochien.  They honored all of the September birthdays in a little assembly.  They sang songs together, gave each kid a special crown, and asked them questions about themselves - name, age, favorite drink, favorite toy or character, etc.

Afterwards the moms planned a game for all of the kids.  They (we, I attended a planning meeting where I didn't understand a thing) planned a little relay race.  It was fun watching the kids!  Below is my friend Eko and her little daughter Rino.

 Afterwards the moms (parents) were invited to stay for lunch.  Kurt and hung out for a little bit and then sneaked out for a little lunch date, but it was fun seeing the kids in their school environment.  It was also Eko's daughter's birthday.  She is in Kelsie's class.  They had lunch together and had fun dancing around.

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