Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Logan's Lego Star Wars Party

As requested by Logan, we had an awesome Lego Star Wars Birthday Party last Saturday.  He invited several friends from church, along with a few friends from yochien.  I struggled a little bit putting things together, but thanks to Pinterest and my friend Kami I pulled it off!  They don't really have party supply stores like Party City etc. in Japan.  So no cute plates, napkins, banners, pinatas, etc.  This required me to get a little more creative than usual.  Kami was in the states most of the summer, so I was able to ship some party supplies from an online store to her mom's house in Utah and then she brought them to Japan for me.

For the games, I mainly turned to Pinterest.  We played "Star Trooper Shooters".  The kids used nerf guns to knock over little lego men.  We also played Lego Star Wars Bingo - I ordered the cards off of Etsy and printed them at home.

Pinterest made me think I could decorate with these awesome Star Wars snowflakes...I only made this one.

 I forgot to take a finished picture - but we played "Pin the Light Saber on Darth Vader".  I drew this guy by hand.

For food - I made simple cupcakes and sugar cookies.  I made the cookies square and used M&Ms to make them look like Legos.  I also wrapped juice boxes in paper and made them look like legos...thank you again Pinterest!  The biggest fail of the party came while we were eating!  The Japanese kids HATED the cupcakes and cookies.  They were way to sweet for them.

Present Time - Logan was truly spoiled....lego sets, Mario remote control car, books, light saber chopsticks, candy, Beyblades, etc.

Afterwards the kids hung out, watched Star Wars, and played Legos.

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