Thursday, October 11, 2012

4+ Months

Hi! I'm Avri and I am still the best baby ever (Except when I get shots. Then I scream and get fevers and no one can comfort me).

I weigh 11 pounds (1st percentile) and am 64 cm tall (60 something percentile).  I was told I have to fatten up a little.  Maybe some rice cereal? Maybe some formula?  We'll see.

I am have a strong neck and back and can roll all over the place unless my arm gets stuck.  Then I'm not a happy camper until someone helps me out.

Mom and Dad started putting me in a car seat when we got to California.  Not cool.  I'm slowly getting used to it though.

I like playing with my Minnie Mouse ball, crinkly book, and chewing on my dolly's hair.

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