Saturday, October 06, 2012

Arriving in the Americas

FYI - we're alive...just in a different country!

We flew back to the US last Thursday night.  Ryan and his family greeted us at the airport and we were able to meet our new sister-in-law Lara and her 3 kids.  We ate some YUMMY Mexican food before driving to our house in Boulder Creek.

Regarding our flight - it was pretty amazing.  We took the red-eye out of Tokyo which was highly recommended by our friends.  We boarded the plane a little before midnight and got settled in.  The kids were asleep probably by 1am.  Kelsie and Avri slept almost the entire flight.  Kurt slept well too.  Logan and I got enough sleep to function, but we kept waking up.  It was the fastest 9 hour flight ever.  I'm kind of dreading going home because it's an 11 hour flight and it's not a red eye.

Avri's bed for most of the flight, which allowed us TONS of extra leg room... for FREE!  The folded it down after take off and put everything away right before we landed.

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