Friday, November 23, 2012

Our Tokyo Thanksgiving

For Family Home Evening the Monday before Thanksgiving we created our Thankful Tree.  Kurt was out of town, so the kids and I added leaves listing different things we are thankful for.  My favorite was written by Kelsie who is thankful for "wishing stars to wish on". :)  Our Thanksgiving dinner guests helped fill in our tree a little bit.

To be honest, while we're making great memories in Tokyo the parties I've been throwing have kind of made me depressed.  I click through Pinterest and see all of these gorgeous place settings and other ideas and then fall completely short of making anything Martha-esque.  If I find a cute idea I can't find the supplies to make it. :(

Japanese people in general don't have large gatherings/parties in their homes, so it's even hard to find cute paper plates! They are very private people and usually go out to nice restaurants to celebrate.  In fact while Kurt and I went to Roy's to celebrate our anniversary, there was a family celebrating their daughter's 1st Roy's!

Well, we ended up hosting a pretty large Thanksgiving gathering at my apartment, and while it wasn't as Martha as I would have liked...we enjoyed ourselves and the food was yummy!  Our friends the Stockers invited us to join them for Thanksgiving.  Haruyo was able to purchase a turkey with the help of a friend from one of the US military bases.  Since our living room space is larger, I offered to host at our apartment.

The Cool Kids Table: Noah, Ellie, Logan, Kelsie, and Julia.

Avri's 1st Thanksgiving.

Most of the group.  Since the turkey was pretty good size, Haruyo suggested we invite a few more people.  A "few" people turned into 8 extra!  Good times were had by all.

Kurt downloaded a football game and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade to make it feel a little more like Thanksgiving. (Thanksgiving isn't celebrated in Japan...)

And of course the pies....mmmm.
Haruyo made Apple, Pecan, and Chocolate Cream.
I made Pumpkin and Lemon Meringue.

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