Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Cookie Exchange

For the past few years I've attended my friend Mary's Christmas Cookie Exchange and it has always been a lot of fun.  Since the party didn't follow me to Tokyo, I decided to host my own.  For those who have never heard of a cookie exchange, everyone bakes a certain number of one kind of cookie (we made 5 dozen) and then you divide up all of the cookies and you take home 5 dozen assorted cookies. It makes holiday baking a lot easier!
I was a little bummed that the day I picked to have the exchange was a bummer day - only 3 friends were able to attend and 2 friends dropped off goodies to exchange in advance.  We still had a great time visiting and decided we're going to do it again for Valentines Day.

Avri had fun playing with Rino, my friend Eiko's daughter. :)

 Just a couple pictures of our limited Christmas decorations we brought with us to Tokyo.  I was limited to the fake tree and one rubbermaid box.  It was tough!

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