Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve: Yokohama

On Christmas Eve we wanted to do something fun and different.  Now that Avri is getting a little older it's getting easier to take her places.  We decided to explore Yokohama.  Yokohama is Japan's 2nd largest city, behind Tokyo, and is only about 40 minutes South of our house.

We found some amazing shopping areas decked out for the holiday season.

We then found Landmark Tower, which is the tallest building and third tallest structure in Japan.  It also contains the world's second fastest elevator (used to the first), that takes you to the viewing deck on the 69th floor in about 40 seconds.

The views were beautiful.  The viewing deck is much like the Space Needle in Seattle if you have been there.

After Landmark Tower, we had lunch at Hard Rock Cafe.  Yummy burgers all around.

Next the kids and Kurt rode this gigantic ferris wheel.  I'm sure it has another record breaking statistic, like everything else in Japan.  It's pictured in one of the pictures above.  Since Avri was asleep I hung out and watched a group of J-Pop Santas sing and dance their little hearts out.

Before heading home, we visited Snoopy Town and the Disney Store.  The shopping area in general is pretty amazing.  I'll be visiting again!

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