Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Disney Sea

The day after Christmas we layered up our clothing and headed to Disney Sea.  We finally had a day that 1. Wasn't raining, 2. Wasn't a National Holiday, and 3. Everyone was fairly healthy.
The kids were so excited!  They saved up some of their modeling money to go.  (80% of their earnings go to their college fund, 10% to tithing, and 10% is fun/spending money)

The Park itself wasn't SUPER crowded, most people were still working or at school, but man do the Japanese know how to stand in lines!  I wanted to head to the Toy Story Mania ride first since it's one of our favorites from California Adventure, but the line was 4+ HOURS long.  We arrived there around 10:30am and the worker said we probably wouldn't be able to get on the ride until 3pm!  It's an awesome ride, but not THAT awesome.

There were a handful of other rides that were like that too, so we opted to skip them.  Being only an hour away, I'm sure we'll be back during our time in Japan.  Instead of lines we enjoyed exploring parts of the park that we didn't see our first time around.

The Arabian Coast was pretty impressive.

Kurt talked Logan into going on Indiana Jones, but the line ended up being too time!

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

 We took some boat tour rides.
Visited Minnie (only a 30 minute wait!)
Lastly, we went for a gondola ride after dinner.  It was beautiful.  You actually felt like you were in Italy, minus the awful Japanese-Italian accents.

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