Monday, December 03, 2012

Fall in Tokyo

The weather and leaves are changing!  We're excited to go take pictures soon assuming we're well enough to do so. :(  Kurt bruised his rib from coughing so bad and can't hardly move.  I thought I escaped all of the sickness in our house only to wake up this morning with a sore throat. :(
Last Saturday we were supposed to take the kids to Disney Sea, but since Kurt wasn't up for it we stayed home cleaned and then went out to dinner.  We treated ourselves to steak which is pretty rare.  It was delicious!

Kids with the Christmas Colonel at KFC.

Lastly, some cute pictures of my girls off of Kurt's phone for this random post. 

Our warm cuddly Caterpillar.

Our cuddly caterpillar turned into a cute cuddly bear.

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