Sunday, November 18, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Kelsie!

Kelsie turned FOUR!

All About Kelsie:
  • She's beautiful and gets a lot of attention because of her blue eyes and awesome curls.
  • She loves playing dress up and is very opinionated about what she wears.  We've had some crazy arguments lately.  She doesn't quite understand why she can't wear tank tops and shorts in December.
  • She is naturally athletic.  She loves riding her bike (with training wheels).  Once Kurt has a little more time and the weather is better, she'll be riding without the training wheels in no time!  I bet even before her big brother!
  • She still naps most days.
  • She LOVES My Little Ponies, Barbies, Polly Pockets, Princesses, etc.
  • Loves to sing and pray in Japanese.  What she says doesn't always make sense, but she is trying.
  • She is finally starting to recognize more letters in the alphabet.  She's starting to try to write random letters too.  I think she's finally ready to sit and practice with me.  (Totally opposite of Logan, who recognized letters at 18 months.  Although she's picking up Japanese faster...every kid is different I guess)

Kelsie's Minnie Mouse Party!
This was Kelsie's first big friend party and she had a blast. She invited 2 friends from church and 4 friends from yochien (school).

While we were in the US in October I bought a lot of supplies for the party that are either too expensive or non-existent in Japan.  All of the Japanese moms attended the party to see what an "American birthday party" is like.  They seemed to have a lot of fun and want to try to plan a party for their girls next year. :)

"Pin the Bow on Minnie"

(Ayu & Ella)

(Quennah, Kelsie & Himari - ear headbands made by me)

(Hana's mom & Avri)

The girls found the dress-up clothes and were SO cute: Ella, Himari, Hana, Hana, and Ayu

We made beaded bracelets for the girls to take home.

Lunch Time:

Mickey Nuggets of course!

Mickey Ham Sandwiches

Mickey Mouse Cupcakes - could have been cuter, but they worked.  Luckily the kids and moms like the cupcakes (unlike at Logan's party).  Most of the moms had never seen a boxed cake mix and wondered how to make the cupcakes.  Most Japanese people don't bake and if they do things are not very sweet.  To buy a Betty Crocker cake mix, assuming you can find one, costs $10-$12. No joke.

Game: Pass the Minnie (like musical chairs)

Present Time:

Posing with Ayu-chan and trying out her new scarf, gloves, and hat. :)

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