Friday, December 28, 2012

Isetan Photoshoot

Logan and Kelsie both were asked to audition for Isetan's Restyle Catalog. (Isetan is a large famous Japanese department store, comparable to a high end Macy's or Bloomingdales.)  I was excited when I learned that they BOTH got the job.  The lady in charge also really loved Avri, so a few days later I got an email asking if Avri could also be in the shoot.  I said of course!  All 3 kids were going to be there anyways, huge bonus that all three were getting paid!

We were supposed to meet them outside the Hiroo eki (train station) at 10:30am, but our agent said the client was running behind.  Instead of waiting in the cold, we went and hung out at the Sugar & Spice offices.  We ended up being there over an hour just waiting, which wasn't cool, but we were able to pick up copies of Avri's first catalog (and cover)!

When we arrived at the shoot, everything went smoothly, and we finished on time despite getting such a late start.  I think Kelsie's picture in particular will be darling.  Afterwards, the lady in charge (I feel bad for forgetting her name) took a picture of me and the kids. 

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