Friday, December 07, 2012

The Dirty Dish Shop

For our anniversary back in August, Kurt and I decided that we wanted to buy ourselves a set of Japanese China to take back to the states with us.  Around the same time my friends told me about this amazing warehouse that sold China for really cheap, BUT it was only accessible by car.  A taxi could get you there, but it would be hard to find a taxi to take you home. :(  So I waited patiently...then my friends (who recently acquired a car) invited me to go with them! Woohoo!  All of the ex-pats in the area refer to the store as the "Dirty Dish Shop", even though that isn't its real name.  It's called that because there is a layer of dust on everything from sitting around in the warehouse. :)

There were so many different kinds to choose from, but I settled on this pattern.

This is what I came home with, but I plan to go back and buy more plates and serving pieces.  It was the last day of a major sale, so everything was 50% off their already reduced prices.  I paid about $60 for 8 dinner plates, 8 smaller plates, 8 bowls, and a little toothpick holder.

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