Thursday, December 20, 2012

Yochien Christmas Gift Exchange

Kurt and I attended a Christmas gift exchange party on the kids' last day of school before Winter/Christmas break (not sure what they call it here).  Since the kids go to a Christian yochien they have been doing a lot of neat activities that wouldn't be allowed in the US public school system.  It is definitely a welcomed change.

Back to the gift exchange.  In early November all of the moms were given a tote back to decorate for their son or daughter and a Christmas gift bag to put it in when they were done.  The Japanese have a strange obsession with bags.  I don't quite understand it.  They use a different bag for every activity.  

Anyways, for Logan I decided to make him a Lego bag out of felt.  He seemed to think it was cool, but wasn't over excited because, well, it's just a bag.  I haven't seen him touch it since he brought it home.  Oh well.  He smiled for the picture. :)

I'll need to add a picture later, but Logan's class made the mom's candle and really cool cards that had their picture on them.

Back to the bags...Kelsie LOVED hers.  Must be a girl thing.  or a My Little Pony thing.
If you're wondering about the pig hat, her class did a play about the Three Little Pigs at the Christmas pageant.

Kelsie's class also made cute cards and wreaths.  I always love seeing what kind of crafts the kids bring home because they are so different than what I grew up  making.  It's not that they are easier or harder, just different.

Now the kids are officially home for the holidays!  No school until January 8th!  New Years is much bigger than Christmas around these parts, so the whole country will be shutting down for a few days.

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