Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2013 Weekly Photo Challenge

Kurt's cousin Chad and his wife Shannon created a Weekly Photo Challenge that Kurt and I are participating in.  I thought I'd share the pictures that we've taken so far.  Kurt's hoping to take at least one good picture a week.  I'm hoping to learn how to use my new camera and take pictures of our every day life that might get skipped over normally.

Week #1: 100 Steps from our door
Taken by Rachel.  Our block sign.  Most streets in Japan don't have names, just confusing numbers. Only the major streets are named.

Taken by Kurt.  An abandoned house down the street from our apartment.

Week #2: Trees
 This was really hard this time of year....
Taken by Kurt.

Taken by Rachel.  Not a great picture, but this is the view out of our living room window.

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