Sunday, January 27, 2013

Exciting News from our side of the World!

Since Kurt posted it on Facebook, I suppose I can announce it here...we are most likely moving back to the US in December 2013!   Yes, this is a year sooner than we've been planning on!

To tell you the truth it's bittersweet.  We have made such good friends so far during our time in Japan, but most of them are ex-pats which means they won't most likely be in Japan forever either.

I am happy to get back to our home in Boulder Creek and make it a real home.  We didn't really live there long enough before to do much work to the place.  I can't wait to install my granite counter tops (we already have the granite), paint, etc.  I'm thinking I might get a head start on things this August while we are there for a few weeks (At least maybe the girls room).

I am excited to enroll Logan back at Boulder Creek Elementary.  His Japanese still isn't to the level we'd live it to be at and I keep worrying about him going to a Japanese public school...  On the other hand, it will be strange to have Kelsie home all day (probably for her too).  Maybe she can attend Kreative Kids like Logan did a couple days a week.  Because of her November birthday she'll have to wait another year to start Kindergarten.

Lots of decisions to make...

In the mean time, we have a lot of playing to do!!!  Hopefully there will be enough finances to make everything happen!  We didn't get to see many things the first 8-10 months we were here because I either was hugely pregnant or we had a new born.  Now we have less than a year to cross things off our Japanese Bucket List!


Laura said...

Actually with her November birthday she might be able to do a transitional kindergarten. It is a new program just started this year in California to coincide with the changing cut off date for California kindergarteners. It is a two year kinder program. The first year focuses more on social and motor skills and the second year is regular kindergarten. Next years transitional kindergartners will have birthdays between October 1 and December 2. The following year it will be kids whose birthdays are September 1 to December 2. They might not offer it in Boulder Creek, but I would definitely check into it.

Laura said...

and yes that is exciting news!


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