Tuesday, January 01, 2013

New Years Day: Asakusa & Odaiba

After sleeping in a little bit, we decided to take on Asakusa - one of Tokyo's most famous areas.

Behind us in the picture below is the Sky Tree, the tallest structure in Japan, and the Asahi Beer Headquarters (gold thing on building).

Smoke from incense rises over people as they stand in line to offer New Year prayers at Sensoji temple. Temple officials said more than 2 million people were expected to visit Sensoji during the Jan 1-3 holiday period.  We opted NOT to stand in line this time.  We'll be heading back to see the temple on a different day!

It was interesting being in Asakusa over the holiday because a ton of the major roads were closed off to cars - there was pedestrians EVERYWHERE.  (Kurt took more pictures, but since they are on the other camera they'll be added later.)

After exploring Asakusa, we took the Monorail to Odaiba to do a little shopping.  We usually take a subway that goes under the bay, so it was awesome enjoying the view from above.

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