Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Oceans Guy

Logan had a photo shoot with the "Oceans" guy yesterday. This male model (learned his name is Cuba and he's Polish) must have a huge contract with Oceans Magazine because he is on EVERY Oceans Magazine...well at least since we've been in Japan.  Oceans is kind of a Japanese GQ. Many of my friend's husbands read it. :)

Cuba was awesome with Logan.  The stylist tried squeezing Logan's feet into shoes that were way too small.  They tried to find a quick replacement, but couldn't.  We were able to squeeze his feet in, but they were really uncomfortable.  We were also at a park, not a some walking was involved.  Cuba carried Logan around so he wouldn't have hurt his feet more.

By the end of the day and 10 different outfits, they were best friends.

As we were walking by 7-11, Logan pointed to the magazine and told Kelsie, "That's my fake dad." lol

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