Friday, February 15, 2013

Logan's Crazy Freezing Cold Shoot

First of all I'm pretty shocked that Logan even got this photo shoot...they wanted him to come in for an audition on Monday night, which was a holiday...We already had plans to go to Kamakura and didn't make it back in time.  Looks like he scored this job just based on his portfolio. Go Logan!

I thought Logan looked pretty freaky in this picture, kind of vampire-ish...especially with his two front teeth missing. lol  Anyways, the photo shoot was for Sense, a men's fashion magazine, for the brand Joey Hysteric.  The took pictures at an amusement park in Chiba (a train and a van ride away) outside in the freezing cold rain.  These pages are going to be so different than any of the other jobs Logan has done, so I'm kind of excited to see it.  He usually gets the clean cut little boy jobs. :)

The photographer (above) LOVED Avri.  He asked to hold her several times.  He also won the hats they are wearing and gave them to Logan to take home. 

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