Sunday, March 17, 2013

Pizza/Movie Night

The kids have been wanting to have some of their yochien friends over to our place for a long time.  It's been particularly hard with Logan because he has a hard time saying and remembering his friends' names.  It took him almost the entire year to tell us Sho-kun's name!  He kept talking about "Shelppy", but there was no Shelppy on his class list.  We finally had him point his friend out to us after school.  We finally figured out that Shelppy is just a nickname. lol 
(Logan, Sho, Kazayuki, Nayuki)

The Yoshimuras' sons also came over to hang out.  Nayuki is in Kelsie's class.  He's super cute!  His older brother Kazayuki came too!  He and Logan used to play soccer together and they will be attending the same school next year.  We're excited for Logan to have a friend at his new school, even if they are in different classes.

Sho's mom also stayed and hung out, along with her cute little daughter Sakura. She brought so many different presents for the kids!

Japanese people ALWAYS bring gifts when they are invited into your home.  As much as we try to give back to them, we NEVER win. lol

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