Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Update from our Side of the World

We've been super busy lately with school and work stuff.  Kurt and I keep telling ourselves we just have to make it through next week and then all will be well!  After that we'll be getting ready for our trip to Phuket, Thailand!  Kurt has already told his co-workers that he won't be answering his phone or checking any emails while we're on vacation.  :)  He's currently trying to close his company's biggest sell EVER, so it's a bit stressful.  I'm sure everything  will work out, it's just the last minute requirements and questions.

I'm trying to survive the last couple weeks of school.  I'm not sure I mentioned it before, but the kids go to a Christian private preschool. The church that was on their school property was damaged in the March 2011 earthquake--so shortly after the kids started school last Spring, demolition started and a beautiful new building was built.  This week the kids finally started classes in the new building.  Instead of just having a 2 story church with a separate building for classes, they decided to building a new 3 story building and tear down the other building.  Logan thinks the new building is so cool and is sad to graduate next week.  As much as he never seemed that excited about yochien, he is really sad to leave.  I think he finally developed some really good friendships. We also found out that only one other girl out of his class will be attending the same shogako (elementary school).  :(  Logan's graduation is on March 15th and then the kids will have 3 weeks off from school before the new school year starts.  Japanese school is kind of a year round school with a long Summer break and a New Years break.  In other Logan news...he has become an AMAZING reader.  He doesn't always understand all of the words, but he can read most of Kurt's novels.  I have to start being careful because I've noticed him reading my emails and Facebook over my shoulder.  "What does blah blah blah...mean mom?" lol

On the other hand, Kelsie's Japanese is getting really good!  I often find myself asking Kurt if she makes sense and he shakes his head yes more often.  She loves going to school and has lots of little friends.  We've been hanging out with one family in particular a lot lately.  Recently, the mom asked if I could teach her and some of our other friends we'll see how that goes!

Kelsie also has had a pretty big growth spurt, so she's been modeling a lot more.  I'm pretty glad Logan's teeth fell out when they did, because I wouldn't be able to keep up with both of their schedules.  Our agent LOVES Kelsie and is trying to convince us to stay in Japan longer because she just knows Kelsie could be a super model. lol  I don't think I really want Kelsie to be a super model...I just want her college savings fund to be a little bigger. :)

Avri is still our sweet little one, but has been a little on the cranky side lately.  Her first top tooth is starting to poke through and is giving her some grief. :(  She's been fussier than normal and feverish this week.  Poor little thing.  Hopefully it will come through soon.  Despite the teething issues, Avri is still eating a ton.  She definitely has the same genes as Logan because it doesn't matter what she eats, she is still a skinny little thing.  She's wearing 6-9 month clothes (she's 9 months), except in some pants she'll wear 3-6 months because she is so skinny.  She is a really fast crawler and is starting to pull herself up to more things.  Lately she's been hanging out in the port-a-crib a lot surrounded by toys. Logan's love of legos and Kelsie's Barbie and Pony accessories don't mix well with a crawling baby.  Kelsie often climbs into the port-a-crib to keep Avri company.

Well, that pretty much sums up what is going on in our side of the world.  We finally received our flight confirmations for this summer. Can't wait to see our friends and family in August!

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