Friday, April 26, 2013


 On Friday my handsome husband turned 34.  We didn't take any pictures first thing in the morning, but the birthday celebration started bright and early.  Logan really wanted to surprise him with breakfast.  I made a french toast back the night in the morning we added juice, bacon, and fruit.  Then Logan got Kurt for his big surprise. :)  We enjoyed breakfast and then had Kurt open his presents.  He mainly got some clothes he needed, but I also got him a salad spinner.  Kurt recently took an Italian cooking class, so he now needs his salad spun and hand torn.

We also have a tradition of letting the kids pick out gifts for others at the dollar store or in Japan - 100 yen shops.  Logan picked out some snacks and gardening tools.  Kelsie picked out some candy for him.

After the kids went to school, Kurt and I got ready and went to yakiniku for lunch (see above).  At yakiniku you are served different kinds of meat and vegetables to cook on the BBQ in front of you.  So yummy!

For dinner, Kurt had to have his other favorite meal - SUSHI!  Kurt and the kids ate the entire platter below.

Lastly, we finished off with a Happy Birthday song and Blueberry-o Pie.  Even Avri loved it.

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