Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Quirky/Random Things Noticed in Thailand

  1. Monks.   Lots of them. And they get preferential treatment.  One monk was escorted in front of us through customs in Bangkok.  Throughout Japan there are signs at the airport, on trains, on buses, etc. that show who gets priority seating.  It usually includes the elderly, injured people, pregnant women, and people traveling with small children.  Well in Thailand, it also had a picture of a monk.
  2. Bottled Water. I guess this didn't totally surprised me.   But we were told not to drink water out of the tap, even on our resort.  Only bottled water.  The water out of the tap never got cold and had a yellowish tint in the toilet.
  3. Wide financial gap.  Most Thai people are super poor.  Just from driving to Patong, we could tell that the wealth is really in the hands of a few people.  A German lady we met said that there are quite a few Chinese people in Thailand and they are the ones with the money.
  4. Tips. Tips in Thailand are not "mandatory", but VERY much appreciated.  If you tip, the employee will remember you and help you out in the future.  Even just a little bit (less than 10%) goes a long way for them.
  5. Food.  All of the food at the resort had a very mild flavor. If Kurt wanted more spice, he had to let the kitchen know.  "Little Spicy" "Very Spicy" or "THAI Spicy" :)
  6. Warm people.  In Japan, everyone has their own personal bubble.  You may be squished on a train, but you still maintain your bubble...if that makes sense at all. In Thailand, the taxi driver who wanted us to pick him began playing and kind of chasing Logan around the airport while Kurt was getting money out of the ATM.  Our waitress made Kelsie give her a kiss on the cheek before giving her lunch/dinner, etc.

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