Monday, April 29, 2013

Yokohama Hakkejima Sea Paradise

Day One of our "Golden Week" Staycation!  Yokohama Hakkejima Sea Paradise! 
Sea Paradise is kind of like a smaller Sea World about an hour and a half from our home.  It was so nice feeling the ocean breeze.  It made us a little homesick for Santa Cruz.

The kids LOVED the final train we took to get there.  They sat in the very front seats and could see everything.

We walked past this beach and though hey! that looks nice.  We should come back sometime....

...and they we saw how many people were there...Holy cow!!!

First we checked out the Aqua Museum (aquarium).

Avri LOVED looking at the fish and other sea animals.

Kurt and the kids posing. :)

They had a fun little show with dolphins and walruses.

I swear she loves me.

Then we wandered around and checked out a few other things in the park.

Kurt and the kids washed their hands so they could play in the touch pools, but it was too crowded to see anything good. :(

The park also had some rides.  We didn't buy the full pass, but let the kids pick a couple rides to ride on.

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