Thursday, June 27, 2013

Happy 23rd ( 32nd) Birthday to Me!

Kurt took me and the kiddos to TGIFridays for my birthday dinner.  It was downpouring all day long....the cooler temperatures sure were nice, but Logan complained about the rain the entire time.

After dinner, we came home for cake and present time.  Kelsie helped me make my chocolate pudding cake earlier in the afternoon.  She really wanted to decorate it, but I wasn't make frosting she drew pictures of everyone, we put them on sticks and put them in the cake. :)  I particularly love that she drew Kurt with curly hair, long eyelashes, and little toes showing because he was barefoot and hadn't gone to work yet.

Avri stripped down for cake time.

My presents we bought in  Asakusa.  5 Kokeshi dolls.  I wanted one for each member of our family.  We also bought a set of cherry blossom dishes in Kappobashi a while back.  I also got some pie making supplies from my family in California. :)  I'm sure those will be put to good use to!

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