Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dinner with the Tokyo YSAs

We were asked to host the Tokyo area (1st & 2nd English speaking wards) Young Single Adults for dinner and their Family Home Evening lesson.  Most of them don't live with their families, probably don't have ovens, etc...so it's nice to get together once a week or so and visit over a home cooked meal.  We had 15 or 16 of them show up.  We made taco salads and they helped by bringing some of the toppings.

Kurt and I were really impressed by the caliber of YSAs currently here in Tokyo.  In this group, there are college students, J-Pop stars, models/performers, summer interns, future missionaries, and even a Disney Princess (Pocahontas).  Over dinner we also realized that Sean, one of the summer interns, used to be in the same ward as Kurt's parents.  Neither family moved, the ward boundaries just keep changing on them.

Kelsie and Justin who she loves and thinks is super cute (her own words), but she can't marry him because she's too little.

Our dear friends the Clarks moved this week back to the US. :(  Above everyone is giving Sophie a good bye hug.  She's been a great babysitter for our kids.  Below is her mom Corina, who is the BEST!  Luckily, we'll get the chance to see them in Utah.

Logan & Sean Baker (from Heber)

Group model shot

Kelsie and Justin (model/actor/singer/Kelsie's crush)

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