Saturday, September 14, 2013

Logan's Sick Kid Birthday

Logan and I planned a wonderful 7th "Ben 10" birthday party complete with fun games, food, and friends...and then the poor kid got sick.  And not just a little sick...barfing and fever sick. :(

We had to call and email all of his friends the morning of to cancel.  Kurt and I felt really bad.

 After a french toast breakfast (his request), we let him open his presents first thing in the morning.

 After lunch, we sang Happy Birthday and cut into his Omnitrix cake.

"I might throw this cake up, but I don't care!" -Logan 

"Pin the Omnitrix on Ben"

Logan's cute friend from yochien, Sho-kun, didn't get the memo about the party cancellation. :(  He showed up on time in a full Ben 10 outfit his mom had made and brought Logan and the family wonderful gifts!

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