Monday, October 21, 2013

Satisfying Saturday

Saturday morning I was able to escape for a little bit and restore some of my sanity.  My in-laws ward (I guess officially my ward now) was holding their annual "Super Saturday" event.  Our new church is literally across the street from the house, so I left Kurt with the unfed, undressed kids for a few hours. :)  Since we left Japan, I haven't left the house without the kids by my it was a nice little break. 

I only signed up for one craft/class, but my project turned out really cute and only cost $5!  It also took forever since there were so many words and different fonts on the I was gone sufficiently long enough. ;)

Afterwards, we loaded the kids up in the car and headed to Orem.  Kurt has had the absolute worst time getting his phone activated with Verizon.  He ordered his phone online from Motorola and has had problem after problem. Luckily he got things figured out Saturday morning, so we headed to the Verizon store in Orem to do the last step.  Now we are a two phone family again! 

The kids are LOVING the new van.  I still need to take pictures of the outside, but I will soon.  It's a 2013 Toyota Sienna LE that already has some upgrades...but we're upgrading a few more things.  While we're in NYC this week, we're dropping it off at a shop this week to reupholster the seats with leather (they are currently too light and fabric...not so great for my puking kids and San Lorenzo Valley roads) and a 13 inch DVD player.  Kurt worked out an AMAZING deal at the dealership (around $5k less than MSRP).  It was cheaper for us to by the lower model than we wanted and upgrade some things later, than to buy the van that had MORE than we wanted.  We're pretty excited.  Kurt's still deciding when and exactly what car he wants to buy for himself.  Since we sold our cars before moving to Japan, we were able to pay cash for our van.  We still have enough cash left for a sizable down payment for Kurt's car, but if he waits a little longer we can save a little more.  The only thing he's sure about it, is that he wants to buy a car before we leave Utah since the taxes are so much cheaper.

After stopping into the Distribution Center and a couple more stores, we enjoyed In&Out for the first time since being back in the States. It was just as good as we remembered.

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