Saturday, October 12, 2013

Settling In

I still have lots of back posts to write, but I thought I should write that we are alive, well, and in Utah.  Kurt is still in Tokyo and will arrive in Utah Tuesday afternoon.  He stayed behind to deal with the movers, selling off final items, etc.  The kids and I arrived in Salt Lake Thursday afternoon.  Kurt's mom (Nancy) flew out to Japan to visit and help me fly back with the kids.  Since she had never been to Japan before it was a real treat.  I think she understands a little better now how we've been living the last couple years. :)

As for Utah, I'm just trying to get settled.  It's a little hard having all of your life's belongings in 3 different places, but I'm trying to make the best of it.  We are staying with Kurt's parents in Heber City until January.  Gratefully, they are empty nesters with a very large home.  They have 4 extra bedrooms sitting empty.  We filled up 3 of them (the girls will be sharing a room).

This week will be a bit crazy trying to get thing settled.

  1. Buy a car
  2. Get cell phones
  3. Make a doctor's appointment for me
  4. Make a doctor's appointment for Avri
  5. Try to get Kelsie enrolled in preschool and ballet
  6. Start homeschooling Logan again
  7. Book and plan trip to NYC
Hopefully I'll have some time to play catch up soon.  Life has been a little crazy lately as you might imagine.

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Aimee said...

If you ever come to SLC... I have 2 family passes to the CHildren's Museum at the Gateway, if you want to go! :) Bailey will be out of school for most of November too.



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