Saturday, November 16, 2013

Kelsie's 5th Birthday Party

Kelsie was so excited for her upcoming birthday party.  We invited her cousins and a few girls from church over for the afternoon.

Kelsie wanted to have a My Little Pony birthday party.  Our first activity was pin the tail on Rainbow Dash.  The kids colored a tail and then pinned it on Rainbow Dash.  I drew Rainbow Dash myself - I thought it turned out pretty well.

Next was Freeze Dance.

Then Pinata time!  
It snowed a ton the morning of Kelsie's party, so we had to move the pinata into the garage.  We also had a hard time finding a pony pinata, so we went with the next best thing. :)

Even Avri got in on the action!

Cake and Present time!

The cute little cousins!  Avri is 2 1/2 weeks older.

The beautiful birthday girl!  I still  can't believe she is 5. 

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