Friday, December 19, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

Hello Friends & Family,

We have settled in back into Santa Cruz Mountain living nicely. We LOVE it here, not quite sure why we ever left! This year has brought quite a few changes, adjustments, and home improvements for our family; along with trips to Disneyland, Cambria/Central CA coast, a family reunion in Utah, and an extended family vacation to Angels Camp.

Our happiest moment was the birth of our 3rd daughter Emi Lynn. She was born on May 3rd, weighing 7 pounds 7 ounces. She was our biggest baby by almost a pound! Emi is a super sweet baby. She smiles a lot and stares at you with her BIG round eyes. She’s now starting to roll over, sit up, eat food, sleep through the night, and interact with her brother and sisters. Kelsie is her 2nd mom, always loving on her and holding her. Avri has good days and bad days, but overall adores her baby sister.

Avri (2) has finally found her voice and enjoys singing the songs from Frozen or whatever is on the radio. Some of her favorite phrases are “I can’t” “Avri do!” “I love it!” “Cute!” We still are taking her to routine doctor and ophthalmology visits for her arthritis, but have seen a huge improvement over the last 6 months. This summer she started to run and recently has begun jumping. We’re hoping her weekly injections and other medications will soon be unnecessary. In spite of everything, sweet Avri isn't letting anything slow her down - she’s had her fair share of bumps, bruises, and naps in Sheriff’s cars (long story…).

Kelsie (6) is our big Kindergartner. She LOVES school and is thriving in Mrs. Bruce’s class. Mrs. Bruce also taught Logan and I think is one of THE BEST teachers in the country. Kelsie is our adventurous girly girl. She loves Frozen, My Little Ponies, princesses, dressing up, riding her bike, and playing in the creek. She is our sassy sweetheart and best big sister around.

Logan turned 8 this fall and was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! It was a very special day for him! We appreciate the friends and family who traveled to spend the day with us. Logan is in 3rd grade now and is loving attending a school where he actually understands what is being taught. He loves computer games, Pokemon, Cub Scouts, reading (read 4 of the Harry Potter books this summer, in addition to other books), and playing in the creek behind our house.

We've been spoiled with Kurt working from home so much this year! He has had to travel some, but not for more than a couple days at a time. He has enjoyed having his outside gym membership back and has cut, split, and stacked about 4 cords of wood this summer/fall. Probably Kurt’s biggest surprise of the year was being called to serve as BISHOP of our San Lorenzo Valley Ward (local church congregation). It came as bit of a surprise to him, but he has loved the calling so far and we have been blessed by his service.

Rachel has just been trying to keep up with everyone - feeding schedules, Kindergarten bus pick-ups, Cub Scout meetings, packing for business trips, piles of laundry, preschool, doctor visits, etc...but wouldn't change a thing! She also has been working with the Young Women in our ward and enjoyed attending Time Out for Women in Sacramento with them (along with family). In her “free time” she still is trying to scrapbook and try out new Pinterest projects on her Silhouette.

Now that our house is put back to together - we’d love visitors! Please keep in touch and let us know when you’re in our neck of the woods!

Love, Kurt, Rachel, Logan, Kelsie, Avri, & Emi

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