Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy National Foundation Day!

We were all feeling pretty well Saturday and the weather was nice, so we decided to spend a day out.  After spending some time googling different options we opted to go to Yoyogi Park.  Yoyogi Park is beautiful and reminded us a lot Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.  The kids were a little disappointed at first because they wanted swings...but I think they ended up having fun.

After wandering around we realized it was a national holiday - National Foundation Day.

As we approached the Main Shrine, we realized a huge celebration was going on.  People were gathering and the shrine was full of marching bands, cheerleaders, press, etc.  Turns out we saw the Emperor and didn't even know it!

We left after a little bit to find some lunch and ran into the parade that was on their way to the shrine.

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