Monday, February 27, 2012

Settling In

Not much to report on the home front.  Although Kurt came home from work today with a fever.  I'm REALLY hoping it doesn't pass on to anyone else and that he gets over whatever it is fast.  We're planning to surprise the kids and take them to Tokyo Disneyland on Thursday or Friday (whichever day it's not raining).  I guess they can't be disappointed if we were planning to surprise them...but I'd be  disappointed. :(

Over the weekend we did a lot of hanging out at home building IKEA furniture.  We still have one more dresser to build, but with Kurt now being sick who knows when it will actually be finished.  Saturday night we did leave the house for a little bit and went to Roppongi Hills for dinner. We found a quaint little Japanese restaurant that we really liked...everyone was happy.  Logan had a big bowl of sashimi and Kelsie had a pizza. :)  Afterwards we found a Cold Stone and enjoyed some icecream.  The Roppongi area is a high-end part of Tokyo that has lots of gajins (foreigners), so they have several American restaurants.  When we were there in November we went to TonyRomas which is next to the Hard Rock Cafe.  This time we were excited to find a Mexican restaurant that we're definitely going back to try sometime. It's called Frijoles and looked a lot like Chipotle.

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Unknown said...

Yeah! on everything except Kurt having a fever... get well quick Kurt... I like to see my niece and nephew's faces not covered like Michael Jackson's poor kids were all the time.


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