Thursday, March 01, 2012

Tokyo Disneyland

Prepare yourself for picture and video overload.

Since the kids won't be starting school until April, I decided we needed to take advantage of the time off and do some fun things as a family.  Kurt took Thursday off from work and we prayed the weather would cooperate...and it did!  We woke the kids up early and starting getting ready.  They had no idea we were going to to Disneyland, just that we were doing something fun.  The Tokyo Disney Resort is a little over an hour train ride from our house.
The kids were SO excited.  There were so many characters hanging out around the front entry.  We just stopped for a brief visit with Dopey.

Our first ride (no pictures) was the Monsters Inc. ride.  It literally opened up as we walked in, so we walked right onto the ride.  It was awesome and MUCH better than the one at California Adventure. You have flashlights and are searching for Boo.
If I haven't mentioned it before, Logan is OBSESSED with Star Wars.  I was sad to find out that Tokyo Disney didn't have Jedi Training, but they did have Star Tours.  Logan was just BARELY tall  enough to go on the ride.  I was a little worried that he'd get sick or freak out, but he absolutely LOVED it and that is all we has talked about the next day.  He was so sad I couldn't ride it with him (I stayed out with Kelsie. Plus, I get motion sickness really easy...especially while pregnant.)
Next we rode the Grand Prix Expressway (Autopia)...always a favorite.

One thing I didn't even think of was the rides being in Japanese. lol  (See more videos below).  Goofy was especially funny sounding in Japanese.

The Teacups were one of Kelsie's favorite rides.  Next we spotted Snow White.  We've never visited with Snow White on our visits to Disneyland (CA), so we were excited.  Snow White LOVED Kelsie.  She talked and talked and talked with her.  I really think she was just excited to speak to a little girl in English. lol  It sounded like she just knew a few phrases in Japanese.  As they were speaking a large crowd began to gather.  All the ladies kept saying "kawaii", meaning "cute" in Japanese and began taking pictures of Kelsie and Snow White.

Snow White then hand walked Kelsie over to meet Alice (sorry the video is sideways).  I felt bad she cut in line, but it was so cute and Kelsie was beaming.

Kelsie meeting the Mad Hatter and Alice.  Most of the crowd followed. lol
Next we met Mary Poppins.

I'm sure one of the girls next to me got a better picture.

Meeting Jessie (a first)

I was excited to watch the Country Bears show since they no longer have it in California, but it just wasn't the same in Japanese. lol  Also, I got in trouble for filming. 

More rides!  Astro  Blasters is always a favorite.  New favorite - Pooh's Honey Hunt!  (see video not taken by me )

Mickey's PhilharMagic 4D movie - brand new to Tokyo Disneyland and was pretty cool!
Overall we had a great time.  The kids were remarkable considering the long day.  We will have to say that Tokyo Disneyland is lacking something.  The rides were fun (and mostly the same), but it was missing that Walt Disney spark.  Things were crammed together, which was convenient, but we missed the awesome transitions and history that the Disneyland in California has.
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looks like so much fun. glad you got your little trip of relaxation in after all, you deserved it!


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