Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Ward Talent Show

Our ward had a really fun talent show on March 3rd.  Kelsie REALLY wanted to be in it.  Everyday we'd ask her if what she was going to sing...and everyday it was a different song.  When the day came she decided on the "Hello Song" from Primary.

They had her go very first, so she was pretty shy.  She got a little too scared to do her dancing, but she was awfully cute.

Logan worked really hard on his Star Wars book.  He drew like 20 pictures from all 6 episodes and labeled them all.  Have I mentioned we have a Star Wars fanatic on our hands?  Initially we set his book on a table in the back of the room, but since the lights were dimmed no one could see the book was even there. :(  So, during a break in the show Logan went on stage to show everyone his pictures and then wandered around the crowd showing people. :)

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