Thursday, March 15, 2012

Baby Update

Yesterday we went to the Doctor for my 30 week appointment, which means LESS than 10 weeks to go...Woohoo!  This appointment was a lot shorter than my last one which was really nice since we brought the kids along with us.  They checked my weight, blood pressure, measured me, and then did an ultrasound.

It appears I'll be having an ultrasound at every appointment which is pretty awesome.  The kids liked seeing the baby.  She seemed to be "talking" or at least moving her mouth a lot in the video. She also weighs a little less than 3 pounds.  Dr. Nakabayashi didn't seem too concerned, but did mention that she hasn't turned yet and is in the breach position (which explains why she's been kicking me so much).  She definitely has time to move around, but I read online that only 23% of babies are breach by 30-32 weeks, meaning the rest have turned already.  eeek!  I really don't want to have to deal with a C-section!  I'm hoping by my next appointment (in 2 weeks) she turns so I won't have to stress out about a possibility of a C-section.

After the appointment we headed to Tokyo Station.  My friend Lisa's husband Kevin was in Tokyo over the weekend on business.  We originally planned to spend Saturday with him doing some sightseeing - but he missed his original flight.  Although, since it was down-pouring most of the day it wouldn't have been much fun. :(  We were bummed to not hang out with them, but he wondered if we could maybe see each other sometime before we left because Lisa sent a present for the baby with him.  Sweet right?!?  We didn't think meeting up would work, so he was just going to leave the present at the front desk of the hotel he was staying at.  When we got there they wouldn't release the gift to us, but said that he said he'd be returning at 2pm to pick up his luggage.  Since it was 1:30pm we decided to stick around and say hi in person!

The hotel lobby of the hotel Kevin stayed at was on the 27th floor of a super tall building with amazing views.  Kurt took these pictures from the bathroom  in the lobby. :)  The area around Tokyo Station is the Tokyo that everyone thinks about when they think about Tokyo - very New York City like. Lots of people wearing dark suits, super tall buildings, etc.

So, we forgot to take a picture with Kevin, but here is Kelsie holding the gift bag from Lisa. She was super cute carrying it around...which she insisted on doing.
When we got home Kelsie opened up the present.  THANK YOU LISA for the super cute elephant and blankets which I totally needed.  I only have thick warm blankets that I got for Kelsie since she was born in November...I seriously doubt I'll be using them in Japan this summer!

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