Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Let's Play Guess the Bag!

Like I've mentioned before we've had to purchase an insane number of bags for each kid to use in Yochien (Preschool/Kindergarten).  I thought it would be fun to have everyone guess what they're actually used for. :)  Also note I've had to iron a label with their name on each bag.  These bags are usually lovingly made from scratch by a mother or grandmother, but given our current circumstances they were bought at Aeon (a chain store).  Sorry kids, I promise I still love you.









OK. Here are the answers:
#1 - Cup Bag. Yes a cup bag.  The kids have their own little cup to drink out of everyday.  Logan picked out a Power Rangers cup and Kelsie picked out Hello Kitty.

#2 - Washcloth Bag.  Each kid has 2-4 washcloths that MUST have a loop attached.  One is kept on a hook in their classroom and one is kept on a hook outside the bathroom.  Twice a week they bring home the washcloths to be washed, so of course they much be in a bag.

#3 - Bento (Lunchbox) Bag.  These bags hold the kids Bento boxes.  Logan picked out a Mario Brothers Lunchbox and Kelsie picked out Hello Kitty.

#4 - Bento Placemat.  For the kids to eat their lunch on. See below pic as an example.

#5 - Change of Clothes Bag - We required to send a change of clothes with the kids to school in case they have an accident or spill something on their clothes.  

#6 - Shoe Bags - The kids have special inside shoes to wear while they are at school.  They keep their tennis shoes outside the door and then slip their "slippers" on.  These bags are to transport their inside shoes on Mondays when they have PE.

#7 - Large PE? bag - This bag is used to carry their PE clothes, inside shoes, and towel on Mondays when they have their exercise class.

#8 - Wash Cloths/ Face Towels - Must have hooks!  

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Melanie and Jared said...

Where is the bag that holds all the other bags? I would be so confused if I was a kid trying to remember what to do with all that. Japanese must be born knowing how to be a little OCD


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